Thursday, April 16, 2009


Your melancholy,
My sighs,
Your dreams,
My lies,
Your questions,
My quiet,
Your cosmos,
My riot,
Your life,
My breath,
Your love,
My death,
Your madness,
My method,
Your preoccupations,
My lifeblood,
Your infinite,
My Now,
Your smoke,
My thou,
Your vagaries,
My pretense,
Your faith,
My penance.


Atindriyo said...
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NesQuarX said...

Hmm... interesting counter-connotations... I like!

The modern penfighter said...

Thank you! *bows*

Atindriyo said...

The epitome of sighs...
The epitaph of love, unrequitted...
Hail to thee, blithe spirit

Atindriyo said...

I am not a shrink, but surely I can help you by making comments like the previous one to help you feel better about your non-existant poetic,er, talent...